For something new and different.

Nobody likes unwanted attention — hence why it’s called unwanted attention. If you liked it, I guess it would be called wanted attention. Apparently this makes me ungracious — but so what. Nobody likes someone constantly staring in their bedroom window to ‘check up’ on things when you’ve forgotten to draw the curtains. It’s creepy and weird, and unless you’re equally creepy, it’s not fun. It’s a hassle and can sometimes feel like security threat. Or … just the world’s biggest pain in the arse.

So that’s how things are going to start here. Me, whinging about the unfairness and the woe of it all — life sucking because someone keeps coming in to my life and throwing a metaphoric cream pie in my face.

Not always does it suck though, sometimes I really like my life. One day I hope to be able to walk around so happy that others feel nauseated and end up coming to the conclusion that I just have a truly punchable face…. One day – but not this day.

So, I also changed my phone number too, if you have it, I ask that you please never give it out to anyone under any circumstance without checking with me first. Unless of course there’s a really hot guy … or you come across a public toilet that is in need of graffitti in a place where you are sure that someone is in need of a good time…

I’m just kidding … sort of.

Get ready to read all about my wily ways here on my new blog. If you don’t comment, I will actually punch you; well, if I figure out a way to outsmart technology first.

And I will….