Dear John – Movies Without Pity

I sat down to watch this lovely, romantic movie that a friend suggested to me. I snorted at the premise that was explained to me. I hate romance, I definitely don’t often lay awake staring at the ceiling thinking about my perfect white wedding to Jesse L. Martin. Never-the-less, I committed myself  to watching the movie. In hindsight, it probably would have been less pain and heart-ache had I committed myself to a sanatorium of sorts. This. Movie. Made. Me. Want. To. Hurt. Myself.

As if it wasn’t doomed from the beginning – John is in the army and he is narrating something which would be pointless if got the dead, but he was shot. He talks about how the first thought before he got taken down was coins and a trip he went to a coin making factory. I hope the last thought that I have, should I ever get shot, would be the time I went to the life education centre and Billy Westwood pointed to Tammy-The-Human-Body’s vagina when an instructor asked him to point to her heart.

But, I digress. John says his second last thought was her. Forgive me, but I can’t exactly remember what her name was, maybe I lost interest before she was properly introduced. Hey, it’s possible. I have a lot of belly lint- which, actually could adequately confirm my theory that I am in fact full of stuffing and not sub-par internal organs…

So the movie kicks off when he, a special forces soldier saves the chick’s purse after some bumbling goober knocks it in to the water from the jetty. He jumps in like a boss and saves it before the goober can run around and get it. She, Savannah (I just looked it up) instantly falls in love with him. John is on a 2 week army leave and it apparently only takes 2 weeks to know that you wanna spend your life with someone… Again, similarly to How Stella Got Her Groove Back, they move pretty quickly – apparently that’s the done thing in these films. Terribly realistic and all.

So she meets his Dad who is clearly autistic and is obsessed with coins and collecting them. I think it was supposed to be inferred somewhere that it had driven a wedge between him and his Dad, but it fell flat. She addresses the elephant in the room by telling John she wants to work with Autistic children. John gets upset and punches out her Dad’s friend who has an autistic son.

The guy forgives him cos he’s such a gentle lover-not-a-fighter type. John promises Savannah that he only has one year left of military and then he’ll be out and they can start their life together but in the meantime they should totally write letters old fashioned style. How fun. So they get to know each other by sharing completely family-friendly letters, after all this is a terrible Nicholas Sparks movie. So they do, they are totally in love having spent only 2 weeks of their entire lives together.

And so September 11 happens and his whole team decide to sign up for another 2 years and he hates Savannah and thinks that she’s an ugly mole and can’t figure out any other escape route out of this hellish relationship that he has involved himself in and feels trapped so agrees to as well he goes home for one night and meets her family and it comes out that he’s signed up for another two years. They have a fight, it ends okay. He goes back to the Army.

Then the bitch stops replying to his letters and for ages he gets nothing and he keeps writing anyway, like a fool… this is much different to the times when I call my friends and they get back to me instantly. And by friends, I may mean posters. And by call, I may mean mental telepathy, because the unreturned calls made him look completely foolish. So one day she finally gets back to him and I suspect it was a bad letter cos he goes and burns everything and when a guy asked him if he was okay he tells the soldier his gf broke up with him. And makes some mention about her getting engaged to someone else.

What?! What the hoo-friggin-ha?! It came out of left-field – and there was no explaination offered, either – so I wasn’t sure if John was lying to have his friend shut up about working it out – until of course, John gets shot in Afghanistan and we speed up to where the movie began.

He survives somehow, which is odd considering he was shot several times by a semi-automatic rifle. So then he wants to go back to fight but they send him home cos his autistic Dad is about to die. As if the past 45 minutes of the movie was tragic enough. So he goes home and writes a letter to his dad but sits and reads it to him and spends a few minutes trying not to break down.

John’s Dad dies and then he goes to visit Savannah, I guess about 5 yrs has passed. He goes to her house then it is revealed that she married the dude with the autistic kid who actually was more like her father-figure. He now has terminal cancer and is about to die.

Is it just me, or does Nicholas Sparks absolutely hate everybody in the world and want to suck the life, the tears, the happiness and the enjoyment out of any fantasy in the world? How is it that in EVERY imaginative fantasy world he creates, everybody loses… Dude, it’s fantasy, that’s the greatness of it – it doesn’t have to suck, no one has to die. People that were in love could have stayed in love! Clearly, you dickbag, you know about the suspension of reality since two of your last characters in your equally awful film, The Notebook died in unison (but again it wasn’t a positive fantasy, which is … the most ridiculous and unrealistic thing that could have ever happened) so why didn’t you apply it here? What is wrong with you? If I ever meet you, Nicholas Sparks, I’m going to kick you repeatedly in the nut-sack for the trauma you has caused me in passing years over your misunderstanding of the basic premise of fantasty.


John takes it unrealistically well, in fact he visits the douche bag in the hospital and doesn’t even attempt to ‘help him along’ (umm in a euthanasia sense, let’s clarify) and he goes to have dinner afterward with Savannah where she tells him she wants to try some kind of treatment to keep the douche alive longer but it costs lots of money.

John goes and sells his Dads coin collection and gives the money to the husband and he lives for like a month longer and then gets really dead. And then John goes home and he and Savannah hug and the credits roll up.


I hated this movie. I hate it possibly more than I hate the notebook. Maybe someone can sit Sparks down and explain to him about the reasons as to why people watch movies – because life already sucks and they want to escape from it to a place where they feel happier and detached from that hideousness of reality because clearly this sadistic bastard just paces his house thinking up new stories to make people feel like vomiting from the trauma that is his books/films.

I did have a rating system, but I diffused it for this movie since I was afraid that the movie may have caused it to spontaneously combust with general awfulness.

If you liked this movie I’d like to punch you.


3 Things That Will Make Me Walk Away…

Look, I’m no expert on what every woman wants and I’m the first to admit that a lot of women have some seriously flawed logic and values when it comes to the ways in which they allow themselves to be treated (myself included; hey you know, it was totally a sign that he was playing hard-to-get when I received that fiery red, ‘impact’ font letter saying; RESTRAINING ORDER!!! I know how to play this game, he loves to be chased! …and so on and so forth!). Though, I think I can speak for a large part of my social circle (shut up, my Batman plushie, Carebear and Peter Pan doll do count as my social circle) when I say that a lot of men seem to also have flawed ideas of what makes a girl fall for him.

I went on a date with this guy once.

…Yep, it was just once.

It was a one-time affair not because he had an instant charm that had me vying for a roll in the hay (oh baby, please tell me more about the time you bedded 6 girls from your work place… such a turn on!)…No, it was because I was so repulsed by everything he said and did that I felt as though I needed to come home and douse my entire body in methylated spirits and scrub myself with steel wool to get rid of the hideousness that was our date.

What I’ve found is that, most guys dip in to a bag of clichés of things that they think girls want to hear or what they think are going to impress us. I have a list of three things that are an instant “see you later, sucka” alarm for me. The first is this;

“Oh, I’m not like other guys.”

Oh, excuse me while I finish laughing at your cliché like it’s the end of a He-Man, Master’s Of the Universe episode where I, indeed have the power. If you’re not like other guys, I’m not like Pinocchio and my nose is also not growing. Just what the shit does that even mean anyway? It’s such an ambiguous statement. Are you not like other guys in that, you turn in to a werewolf on a full moon a la Michael Jackson’s Thriller right after he asks that dopey, scream-y broad to ‘be his girl’? Do you have a third nipple? Are you not like other guys so much so that you’re actually not a guy? Or are you trying to just be smooth, “Oh, ha… I’m totally not going to attach myself to you like a sniper’s crosshair and take advantage of your insecurities and your longing to be loved and completely and utterly ruin your life by allowing you to find me in our bed years later with someone much younger, vibrant and clearly more beautiful than you!” Yeah right… I think if you’re purporting to be a little off-centre or more reliable than the next douche bag sitting by your side, you could prove it without using the same line that that exact douche bag just used on that unsuspecting bird 10 minutes ago. Most logical, intelligent women are on to you – after all, all those other guys have used this line on us before.

“I’ll never hurt you…I promise.” Hahahahaha. I hate thinly veiled or empty promises. I live by the rule that I should never make promises that I can’t keep. That promise has been made to me on numerous occasions… And in hindsight I laugh because even though it may have made me feel giddy at the time, it now makes me a little bashful about my naiveté. Thank goodness we live and we learn and realise how full of shit some people are. If someone ever makes this promise, prospective significant other, new friend, man in a van offering you candy – run the other way. What if you’re hanging out with this person and they accidentally step on your foot in a pair of soccer boots that they wear for general fashion? Um… ouch! Promise broken! … See, can’t trust anyone these days…And if they’re just stomping around without discrimination in a pair of ugly soccer boots, why would you want to be with them?… even though that almost never happens, but alas, I digress.

“I love you” … Alright, so maybe girls love to hear this… but one particular guy tried to tell me he was falling in love with me before we even really hung out properly and quite honestly, it made me want to bolt in the other direction. Maybe I’m cynical, but if someone tells me they love me within a few weeks of hanging out, or after they’ve taken me out a few times, alarm bells go off. I would start to doubt their sincerity and if I doubt their sincerity then I am about to start doubting the entire thing. Sometimes I balk at how quick some relationships go – and how prematurely some people start exchanging I love you’s and the pet names and future plans – oh hello, what was your name again, you see I was too busy moving my furniture in to your house to ask…

Basically most sane, personality-issue-free women want communication; a man who isn’t afraid to have conversations, either fun or serious and who will confront an issue rather than pretending everything is okay. Women also want someone who is not afraid to be affectionate without being a sleaze bag. Oh and hey, perversion or constant sexual connotations are usually taken with a lot of discomfort until you actually know her really, really well – maybe I’m a prude who is destined to live with 6 cats and a dog for being so uptight, but I don’t care. Oh and by ‘most sane, personality-issue-free women’ I think I meant, ‘most lonely, uptight, quietly insane women’ … and I think by ‘women’, I think I meant me. The secret is, most ‘women’ want to be treated like a princess which doesn’t mean one has to flash his money around and lavish her, but – with respect, honesty, compassion and understanding that usually the logical, easy-going women can very readily and easily return.

From my own observations, a lot of people allow themselves to be treated without these things, they become a fool for someone who quite frankly couldn’t give a toss about offering anything them anything in return for their unconditional love.

Essentially love is hard thing to find, if it were so easy to find, half of the world wouldn’t spend their lives searching for it. It shouldn’t be something that people just give away to someone who seems ‘good enough’ …and it is certainly too precious to be spent on someone who doesn’t return it – or the Michael Jackson posters that may or not be on the wall of most sane, personality-issue-free women’s walls.

5 Moments That Will Make You Cringe Possibly For Your Entire Life.

So hey, you know those moments where you do something that makes you feel really embarrassed? How do you handle them? Do they keep you up at night? I was thinking about this earlier because I can think of an instance where I still shudder and my conscience still brings it up with me when I’m contemplating belly lint or trying to study astrophysics (haha, just kidding, I totally don’t contemplate my belly lint, that part was a total lie). Here are 5 moments that you always want to gloss over, but you can’t because for some hideous reason, it’s been emblazoned in to your memory bank even forgoing the memory of what you did with your jury-duty bill that you received 2 weeks ago; or what safe-place it was that you put that those family heirlooms… but I digress.


1. Spit in my eye, fantastic!

Someone important has asked you a question. It’s that hot guy, future boss, someone you want to make an impression on – or who knows? Just… someone that you’re actually bothering to put on some airs and graces for. You’re looking great, you sound like you are really funny, witty, cool, intelligent. You flip your hair over your shoulder as you’re speaking – wow, man, you have never ever looked so cool. Shit, you’ve never been cool, but this is your moment, you are shining. You laugh at all the right moments, you are apparently saying all the right things — no one has ever found your tangents about Playstation3 Vs Xbox360 this interesting before. No that face the person is making in front of you isn’t disgust, they’re just gassy, it happens, don’t let it blow your confidence, you’re a friggin’ rocksta—oh great.

You can see it, they can feel it. Both of your eyes fleetingly, almost slyly meet at the same spot – that tiny little bauble of spittle that rests delicately upon their cheek. It flew out of your mouth, such a tiny little bauble, but if it had a sound effect, it would be in cinema sound. It’d sound like that big moment in Pearl Harbor… And now there’s awkwardness. What do you do, you ask yourself? Keep talking, no don’t keep talking, if you keep talking you’ll lose your train of thought because your conscience will be too busy screaming YOU SPAT ON HIM!!!!!!!!! … Do you acknowledge it? Yes. No. Maybe. “OH GOD, I DONT KNOW; I JUST SPAT ON HIM!!!!” …Before you get to make your choice, said person of interest very subtly brushes your delicate piece of spittle away, as if it was an unwanted kiss, if you will… And you bumble your way through the rest of the conversation until it dies. And then when for the next hour all you can think about is how you spat on that guy over there, yep, the one keeping his distance. And you know what? All he can think of is that horrible, awkward hideous moment where he got spat on by some random.

And you’ll still be thinking about it when you go to bed at night. And at other random intervals… And probably still in 20 years time when you’re caressing the back of your white cat and planning to launch a counterattack on society for being ever-so cruel to you.


2. You just fell for me.

Oh yeah, this will make you feel like a real dick. There are all types of trips you can take – and I’m unfortunately not talking about the holidaying kind. I’m talking about the kind where you hurt your ankle like a bitch and humiliate yourself in the process and leave people giggling under their breath – or if you are around a bunch of arseholes, probably they’ll be less discreet at laughing at your misfortune.

Sometimes gravity just loves to play a little trick on you – and by some, almost supernatural, unexplained force you almost meet the ground, but you don’t. Instead, you stumble just a few steps. Unless of course, it’s one of those comedy of stumbles where you trip about five times will trying to regather your balance, self-esteem that has just taken a massive hit from your own inability to well, walk. You fail epically, but… you try to convince everyone else around you after you have both feet back on the ground that nothing happened and that you are indeed graceful, yup, like a friggin’ swan. You are red-faced and your toe is sore and so is your ego, but you hold your head high and keep on without making eye contact with any other person for fear that they will be laughing in your face.

And they are, you know, some a little more quietly than others, but some overt and unashamed. The harder the fall, the harder the laugh, the more bruised the ego becomes. And if the fall actually causes people to ask if you’re okay, you try to convince them you are. It could be that you are bleeding from 12 places, but still you convince them with a smile on your face, “Oh that, no, no, no… I had this gash on my forehead before I fell over. Haha, yes! I also had a wrist that was facing the wrong way and only one shoe… Thanks though!”

And after you’ve dragged yourself out of hospital getting stitched up and you’re comfortable in bed, your conscience is still haunting you about how all those people laughed at you and you looked like the world’s biggest dickhead for falling on that tiny little step in the curb.

You know what? Those people are probably still laughing at you for your stupidity each time they think of it. People revel in your misfortune.


3. Kodak moment.

You have this really super funny story that may possibly be a little inappropriate – or maybe it’s a naughty limerick or a little ditty that you found wildly hilarious and you want – nay, need, to share it with a group of people because then they’ll finally see you for the fantastic, witty hilarious chap that you clearly are. So you share it, you go in to great detail, you use arm gestures, going for the gusto! You are animated, charismatic you add just the right element of suspense to keep everybody hanging on to your every, interesting, riveting word – shit, all you are missing is a campfire and marshmallows roasting on sticks. And you get to the point of the story and it is met with an awkward exchange of looks.

… Well. You were not banking on that reaction. What reaction, you are asking? Exactly.

Worse than no reaction at all, is that moment where you realised that your story/joke/dirty limerick offended everybody horribly. At least in the case of silence, you can console yourself that your humour is just way too sophisticated for most of your insufferable peers to get. When people are offended, you go in to damage-control – if there is such thing. Generally after telling everybody about the hilarious time you tied your dog and cat together in a perfectly ventilated area in hopes that they’d get bored and create a miracle hybrid of animal, there’s not much you can say to take it back… Don’t ask me how I know that, just trust me.

You can always get away with it by justifying to everyone else that it was just a Kodak moment in that, you just had to be there to see the funny side of it! Surely when your conscience eats at you every night for the next month about it, will be reminder enough what mistakes not to make a second time!


4. So good to see you.

You see someone who you know a little bit. Maybe you’ve met a few times but don’t quite consider yourself their friend yet… and you see them and you’re happy to see them – you figure you could approach them and make up share some gossip important and detailed information with them that may make them like you more. And then they start waving at you frantically with a big grin, and it’s unexpected but you are really happy because wow, clearly you made such an impact on them despite the fact that you spat on them back a little while ago… So you start waving frantically back, almost, dare I say? Euphoric with joy! You make a beeline to that person and are right about to say hello enthusiastically like an excitable puppy when you realise you actually – OH NO… you turn around behind you, you look to the person standing almost directly behind you and you realise, oh shit… nope, it wasn’t you they were waving at.

And the worst part? They realised at the same time that you thought they were waving at you. Well, well, isn’t this an awkward little moment for everybody involved that shall haunt not only you, but the other parties involved probably for about…ever.


5. “What do you think?”

You are shopping with a friend and you’re looking at something, probably a book or a DVD knowing you. You are reading the back of it and you start talking to your friend, asking her educated opinion on the matters of Batman vs Superman (not that you need her opinion, clearly Batman is the winner here) and you realise that wily bitch isn’t so much walking as she is, edging away slowly almost embarrassed. You realise the 6ft man that is quietly making an exit is not in fact just your suddenly matronly-looking friend. Your friend is too busy standing by an aisle not too far away laughing behind her hand at your own stupidity.

Or worse, when the person doesn’t edge away and they let you realise that it’s not the person that you think it is and they smile almost patronisingly, as if they could never make such an easy mistake.

What’s even worse than that is when said stranger starts speaking to you back and it’s one of those socially inappropriate types that you can’t get away from which makes real friend laugh even harder so that not only your conscience can taunt you later on, but now she can too…


Share your embarrassing moments that you can still think of that have happened long, long ago though your conscience still makes you feel like an idiot for it, come on, be brave… I just shared all of mine.

Review 1 – So how DID Stella get her groove back?

Movies Without Pity – How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Look, I’m 27 years old. I’ve never had a midlife crisis, although I did recently work myself up in to a blind-fury after thinking that somebody in my household ate my block of marble chocolate, so I’m pretty sure that I have a fairly good idea what it would feel like.

Firstly, I’d like to know at what point Stella lost her groove because she seemed to be doing pretty great working in finance barking orders down her headpiece that would make Madonna jealous while pacing the office like she had somewhere to be, not dissimilar to what my cat does all the doo-dah frigging day. Although granted, he is a very busy puss-cat.

So Stella is played by Angela Bassett who basically is one of the most annoying actresses ever. I can never picture her as anything but Katherine Jackson of the Jackson’s American Dream movie yelling angrily in the dark of the night, “GO’DA BED JOE. GO. TO. BED!” Also, she has a punchable face when she seems mad. That aside, she apparently lost her groove somewhere but it wasn’t very clear when that happened. Personally, I think her groove packed its bags and left her, because if I know Stella like I think I do since the end of this movie, I would have ditched her too.

She calls up her skanky friend who is played by Whoopi Goldberg. They decide to go to Jamaica for the week while her son is off with his Dad. She meets Winston Shakespeare and if that’s not a Pornstar’s name, I don’t know what is… Winston is played by Taye Diggs who is alright by me. He plays a 20 year old kid who basically wants to bed her…

Well, come on, it’s not like he saw her and thought, “My what a sexy brain may be under that sweaty cranium.” He’s 20. He wants to have sex. But oh no, oh no, no, no, no, no… Winston chats her up. She laughs in his face over the age difference like a cruel cow, you see she’s 40 and old enough to be his mother and apparently so much better than him because of her skyrocketing age. Though she looks good for 40, her skanky friend on the other hand, she looks her age and is happy hooking up with two super gross older men – more suitable to Stella’s age.

Forgive me, but Stella comes across as more of an uptight bitch. Half of the time she’s out right mean when she isn’t playing the “I’m-so-much-better-than-you” game with her friend. She’s mean to the Shakespeare kid who clearly just wants to hit it… and finally she decides, “Ah what the shit” (yeah that was the exact script.) and she ditches Whoopi to go to some seedy pajama party with Winston. See? What a bitch. Only bitches ditch friends. (I hope you are taking notes, my dear friends. I don’t like pikers!!! Or Angela Bassett.)

The party turns in to some odd masquerade orgy where I saw a lot more skin than I needed to at 10:30pm while eating 3 pieces of KFC chicken before a huge exam in the morning—but I digress, guess I got bored talking about Stella and just wanted to talk about me.

So yeah, they start doing the sex. Yes, I did just call it ‘the sex’. That’s what they do. She’s hot and cold, she’s nice and she’s a bitch, then she’s super sweet but then she’s a bitch again. Kid had to take a job so she was all cold and acted like they were married their whole lives and he’d just insulted her mother and kicked her dog. So she left Jamaica without seeing him.

She gets home, her mean sister gives her shit about having an affair with a 20 year old. Her stereotypical annoying, tacky sister just wants the juicy details – oh and also, to borrow some money. Stella loses her job cos she was busy humpin’ around in the words of Mr Bobby Brown.

But ahhh, there’s a twist. Whoopi gave Winston her number. Might I like to stop and add here that the second Taye Digg’s opened his mouth in this movie and let an almost heretic Jamaican accent slip out, I wanted to shove my hands through a meat grinder. Quite frankly, it would have been less painful than listening to that mess. Blech…

So he finally calls Stell. She acts like 15 yr old girl and starts squealing and shit. She, after telling her poor son she cant take him to Jamaica cos they are too broke, decides to take her son, his cousin and her old arse back to Jamaica to see Winston cos she now wants to do The Sex. Seriously, not only is she a shit friend and a grand-cougar, but she’s also a bad Mom. Oh okaaaay, can’t afford to give your son a holiday, but if your boyfriend is involved then cool!

She has to meet Winston’s Mama who calls her a terrible specimen of the human race who should be flung by human catapult in to a brickwall with spikes as a substitute for the Friday Night Football…Well, something to that effect anyway… So obviously she has a hissy fit for the 155th time already in the movie (no honestly, I’ve counted) and she and Winston have a fight and she gets that annoying punchable face back… Like when in the Jackson’s movie she found out Joe was cheating on her and she went batshit crazy on him.

So in the process Delilah (her bestfriend) finds out she has cancer and is on her last legs so Stella goes rushing home and strangely enough has no remorse about being a horrible friend back in Jamaica. Stella also has no remorse for not asking Delilah how she was, each time the super friend called to check if sex was still good with the Jamaican kid, constantly confirming for Stella that she should continue hitting it for as long as she damn well pleases. Had Stella not been so entirely self-involved in looking for her groove and focused more time on being a better friend, Delilah’s sickness may not have been such a shock, I mean, I picked it when Delilah was over-tired and run down back in the beginning of the movie and I wasn’t even her bestie! But hey, we’ve established Stella is a jerk already. BAD FRIEND.

So Winston turns up at the funeral to loan his penis — er, support to Stella. Everything’s peachy, everybody keeps ignoring the fact that a 20 year old is.. COME ON, WTF MAN… 20 YEARS OLD!!! It’s like a giant pink elephant in the corner of the room. If the person who wrote this movie wanted it to be even in the least bit believable they could have given him a more respectable age!!!!!!! It’s just all so bloody ridiculous!

So he lives with her for awhile and soon it becomes a strain because he eats cereal all day long, plays video games with her son, rents terrible movies and doesn’t take out the trash. (Hang on, this is sounding dangerously close to what I do with my time…?) He wants to pay for dinner, she gets attitude, tells him to pay the mortgage. They have a fight… Taye Diggs is hot, he should come to my place… I’d be nice. I’d let him pay for dinner.

So he builds her a huge furniture shop in her shed (um the other elephant in the room is how this povo Jamaican kid accumulated the funds to do this? I think in one scene I saw him rob Stella’s purse… I could be wrong but… I’m about 99.9% sure so…). She reckon’s she’s good at building it. Hey, I reckon I’m good at singing too, doesn’t mean someone should indulge it and build me a friggin’ studio… but anyway, he proposes to her. I’ve worked this out right, she spent one week in Jamaica, she went back for a second week or so – and then he’s spent what? Like a month or so in the U.S.A?


Only celebrities and bogans (chavs or hillbillies, whatever is local slang for low rent in your country) get married that fast.

She tells him she wants to say yes, but she has to wait.

2 weeks later she still hasn’t given him an answer so he spazzes out and they have a huge fight.

So then there’s this big scene. The scene is entirely cheesy but there is one moment that is the entire saving grace of the movie – the only moment that made the whole thing bearable. Like every Friday in 4th grade when we had a maths quiz and I used to rub out my answers as we went and marked them to perpetrate that I’d had the correct answer all along so I could advance to the “fab four” elite maths group – (which then had to become the fab five after my shifty entrance) … Oh wait, sorry, guess that’s just another story about me.

OH right, the saving grace. Okay yeah, so Winston has a shower and you get to see his ass. And it’s a really, really good ass. I’m not exactly an ass girl, but I can appreciate a very good ass. And this, my friends was a great ass. Seriously, did you get that? It’s a great ass.

So yeah, there’s a super cheesy … sex in the shower… wow that’s never been done before. *yawn* which, might I add, they both looked a little silly… I don’t particularly want to watch people having sex while looking rather silly. So unnecessary. But hey, great ass, Taye. After, Winston realises she’s just a terrible person who clearly doesn’t deserve to even possess a groove let alone someone who has such a great ass, he tells her he’s leaving to go to Medical school.

Personally, I think it was just an excuse to get away from her, he probably wanted to go back to Jamaica to hang with his friends and chicks his own age and spark up a doobie and sing Bob Marley songs or whatever stereotypical thing Jamaicans do…

So there’s a bad storm on the way to the airport and traffic was so bad that he couldn’t make his plane… somehow Stella got there before him though… And they meet at the escalator and she tells him to consider an American college.

And oh yeah, she accepts his proposal.

And then the movie ends. Best they ended it where they did because I’m pretty sure they would have broken up within the week.

All in all? I now know that all it takes to get your groove back is a boyfriend that is way too young for you. Well, at least that’s how Stella got her groove back and to be honest, I found her method underwhelming… but maybe they could make a sequel and call it, “How Taye Diggs got his career back” … because if it wasn’t for that great ass, his Jamaican accent would have been truly unforgiveable.

So, out of 10 I’ll give this movie a 4/10 +1 point for the great ass.

5 reasons why some people with mobile / cellular phones should be punched.

I only know of one person (under the age of around 65 and over the age of 12) who does not possess a mobile phone. I am not against the use of mobile phones having fallen in the Gen Y age group, being a teenager in the late 90s when it became cool and ‘imperative’ for every kid my age to have his or her own phone. The truth is, mobile / cellular phones are actually an abomination, nay, a black spot, if you will on society. Okay, maybe that’s being a bit too dramatic, but honestly – sometimes I want to punch people in the face when they leave the house with their phones. (I seem to want to punch people in the face a lot .. hmm, something might be in that.)

Here are some of the things that attribute to my happy resolve that some should be punched for leaving the house with their mobile phones.

1. The ol’e screaming-down-a-black-hole-for-signs-of-life, trick.

Why is it that when you are sitting on a train or a bus or, well… anywhere in public really — and someone, and it’s usually someone who is middle-aged that is the culperit, answers their phone. Firstly they’ll have a super obnoxious ring tone, usually something that is inappropriate for their age such as Akon’s ‘Smack Dat’, or Jason Derulo’s ‘Ridin’ Solo’. The second problem is the volume in which they will decide to speak. I’m not entirely sure if most people are aware of how loud they are talking; or if they do it just because they think everyone else wants to hear their inane, bullshit conversations. Never-the-less, they go about their business, usually displaying their stupid verbal spewings for anyone within a 10m radius to hear … and then the phone call will drop out.

The offender can’t then just accept that they’ve lost service and hang up and call back, but they will trail in circles, bopping their dumb head around like bo-bo the clown trying to gain service again. When that doesn’t work, the offender grabs his or her phone and usually holds it in front of them as though its a glowing crystal ball that they can see the future in, or at least, what the other person might be doing and they start raising their already-treacherously-loud voice in to, “HELLO!?” …. Silence, “HELLO??? ARE YOU THERE???” clearly nobody is there. “HELLO!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME? YOU’RE DROPPING OUT ON ME!” and it goes on as though they are a bogan version of Jack Shephard looking for signs of life down the dastardly hatch or Timmy O’Toole stuck down the well. “MATE, HELLO!?” Equivalent to and as urgent as someone falling down a gaping chasm. Eventually, they either hang up and call back, or the person’s phone gives them an awful fright as the phone has already disconnected the call and they have called back and the obnoxious ring tone comes screaming out to further annoy people.

2. You don’t deserve my undivided attention while I’m ordering food/buying clothes/other, you lowly sales assistant / cafe / restaurant / other scum, can’t you see I’m busy chatting on the phone which is clearly more important than paying for my products / produce?

Perhaps this little gem bothers me so much as I have been on the receiving end of it in my past two jobs. It is extremely rude of anyone to come to the counter, order food with such an absence and air of importance while they are too busy tending to phone call that is clearly able to wait. I am not an unfair person, I understand that sometimes it’s impossible to dodge a call, but it takes 5 seconds to ask your friend to wait 30seconds or to call them back in a few moments. If the call is just so important that you cannot do the aforementioned, then stand aside, let other people order and wait til you are done! It’s not rocket science. It’s almost embarrassing when someone is too busy talking on the phone and regards you with very little of their attention when you are trying to take an accurate order. “I’ll have sandwich with 12 types of salad.” The person goes back to blabbing on the phone, extending an amount of cash that will well and truly cover it, and turns their body outward so you can’t even make gestures to ensure you have the order correctly. Questions like, What kind of bread would you like? Do you want me to wrap it up for you to take away, or would you prefer to eat here? Could I take a name for your order? If they hand me a card, do you want credit, savings or cheque, do you want to use a PIN or sign? Would you like a receipt?  … None of these things get answered, and it is especially annoying when you can hear that the only conversation that is happening is an exorbitantly inconsequential one. And guess who is to blame if order is not what they wanted? Seriously, just piss off to the end of the line til you’re done with your gossipy, banal phone crap.

3. So you think you’re a model because you took 6 photos of yourself from a strategic-angle with high-contrast on your crappy. low-res, hand-me-down Nokia from Mum or Dad and uploaded it to the social network of your choice.

In this case, I don’t want to punch the poor victim of parental stupidity, but the parents themselves for thinking their child is responsible enough for both a mobile phone with social networking features and a social networking account. Generally these photos are taken shamelessly in scanty clothing and either in a room that has way too much light or not enough. The lighting does just the trick for a super sexy pose. Usually you see gaggles of teen girls gathering way too many people in to one tiny little camera space while posing with duck faces, shocked expressions, trout pouts, or an embarrassingly awkward come-hither look. They upload these photos using the internet feature that comes with their premature phone plans, photoshop them up (albeit badly) and add some ‘sentimental’ lyrics on them. And of course, their 29382034 nearest and dearest contacts will be quick to comment on just how “smexxxi” they are, hence said youngster sits on the phone for hours rummaging through the comments vaguely dismissing the compliments as “totez lies.”

4. Oh yeah your iphone is fantastic and I’m so glad that it allows you the opportunity to play your phat beatz at a volume that bothers everyone else who is sitting in the same train carriage as us, I always believed that earphones were a completely redundant and silly invention.

I like a lot of different styles of music. I like listening to it on a train on my ipod. I like listening to it loudly too, with my earphones in. And you know why I choose to wear those filthy little wax collectors? Because it’s the right thing to do. Listen up, homeboy — or gangsta-wannabe bogan (your choice), just because you want to hear your crappy array of Souljah Boy or doof-doof music, doesn’t mean that every single other person does as well. No one cares about your music taste, no one thinks you’re just that little bit cooler for it, if anything everyone just thinks that you are an inconsiderate turd with serious try-hard tendencies. Plug in your headset, or turn the music off — we all hope your battery will go flat in the meantime.

5. Talking on the mobile phone is the safest thing that you can do while driving, right? RIGHT?!

I’ve been an offender in the past, I have to be honest — but the past is the past. The amount of accidents that occur due to people too busy yakking away on their phones are too many to count (or I just can’t be arsed finding a statistic, so I’ll jazz up my sentence with a something poetic). Just recently, I have had a couple of situations where someone has verbally abused the absolute crap out of me due to their own inability to watch the road while they have been talking on the phone. You know those idiots, the ones that scrounge around the passenger seat through their handbags or piles of crap looking for their phone and merging involuntarily in to the next lane nearly taking out another car because the. phone. call. is. just. so. im.port.ant!!! A moron woman pulled right out in front of me just last week with great hesitance and even stopped halfway in the middle of the road when she realised she was in the wrong and continued to hesitate. Lucky for her, I pre-empted it as I could see from a mile away that she was on the phone (yes, an entire mile, my eyesight is bionic, shut up). When I shook my head at her she began to abuse me, she tooted her horn shook her fist, made penis gestures at her forehead (seriously, is that supposed to make me feel silly? You’re the one who is thumping yourself in the forehead with a fist, you dolt) and eventually she gave me the finger and drove off in a rage the whole time still talking on the phone. No phone call is so important that it can’t wait five seconds, and if you feel that it is, pull over. And don’t tell the police to ‘go and catch real criminals’ when you get the mother of all fines because of it. (Brilliant segue for my next post, police who get a rough time for enforcing the law)

And with my 5 reasons listed, I am curious to know — what are your mobile / cellular phone gripes? Leave a comment below, or, you know the drill, I’ll punch you. 🙂