Um excuse me, only the best weekend ever.

I would like to preface this post by saying Christina Perri’s album is fracking great… What does this have to do with my great weekend, you might ask? Well… short answer … nothing. And also? .. that’s the long answer.

I had a really anxiety-ridden week. I had so much on (still do) and procrastinated my way through it, of course and neglected my studies and neglected work and neglected everything by telling myself I needed to relax… I was excited when Friday came around, I had a client meeting in Melbourne for a design job which was great and then I took a train out to meet up with C. and Jai for her birthday weekend! … Seriously, I rarely get out and about these days so when I have company it’s always really exciting — even more so when I’m in the company of these two… when we all hang out, it’s like the time that I discovered awesome all over again!

We went to a Mexican restaurant and ate ourselves stupid. We went to this fantastic chocolate tour on saturday morning and… ate ourselves stupid. I’m not a huge chocolate eater these days, but it reminded me why I wanted to live in Roald Dahl’s chocolate factory when I was a kid (cough,lastweek,cough) we tried truffles, macoroons, chocolate shots, ice cream and other stuff I think that I can’t remember. We had full bellies and came back to our hotel. What do you do when three tummies collectively begin to cramp up?

You eat more. We went to a Sushi train. Sushi Train is a funny, funny thing… No seriously, I sit and laugh at the idea for hours in my alone time… No, not really. Though, sometimes I wish I could change the route and direct that train right in to my mouth that will be waiting open at the end. TOOT FRIGGIN TOOT, my friends. Between us we all had 7 plates… I love sushi, If I were Oprah (and thank goodness I’m not) it would be one of my favourite things. Apparently that wasn’t enough though because we started searching for dessert venues … I’m not sure what street it was, but we got accosted by every single person outside trying the hardsell of their menu. It made me remember Thailand and not being able to walk through a strip of shops without being flattered, accosted or sometimes outright pulled in by the arm. It was a little funny, a little uncomfortable, a little weird… in the end we got bubble tea and chips and went back to the hotel.

And… we all writhed around in bed nursing our respective cramps.

On Sunday we went for breakfast, I’m guessing we all felt a little rough — we all parted ways which was of course such sweet sorrow but a tentative date with Jai for Eureka Skydeck and some interstate travels. Exciting days!

I met with my snotty friend Megan for a chat and a walk about and finally got that bag I’ve been coveting forever since I saw how lovely and light Jai’s was. Megan and I hung out for awhile and then I met with another someone lovely for the afternoon into the evening. We had Nandos (where I insisted that every speck of food must be gone lest it be taken home and consumed as every meal until it’s finished. It’s a personal rule. :P) we went for coffee and then a grocery shop through coles until I had to sadly go home since my paid jobby job resumes.

I have not had a better weekend in … honestly, so, so, so long. I will post some photographs maybe tomorrow or the day after. Tomorrow I am visiting my bestfriend who is coming to Melbourne for the week. I haven’t seen her in three or four weeks and she shall be bringing me le ipod that I lost when I was in Sydney last.

Best. weekend. Ever.