Top 5 Important Life Lessons


Hi, it’s been almost a month since my last blog (this sounds like an opening for A.A) but that’s because I’m busy being absolutely freaking amazing. (Did I mention the amazing victory of a 100% mark on an essay? … Hey, the marker may or may not have been drunk, but whatever… it’s going on my transcript. I win.) I just wanted to instill some very important life lessons that I have learned over the span of the time that I’ve been gone. I know, I know, you’re absolutely welcome and it’s so kind of me, etc, etc…
Let’s start.
1. Men still think it’s okay to be extremely inappropriate with female strangers because most women are too stupid to tell them it’s not okay.
Sometimes I really do think women are ridiculous for the kinds of things they allow in their lives and for the way they allow men to treat them. Men are not blameless, but I am a firm believer that you teach people how to treat you. A lot of women base their self-worth around the attention from the opposite sex, (just an observation) and in essence, accept a lot of things that is not okay by the standards of others. I can’t stand sexual innuendo, connotations, overtones, undertones from men that I have just met, or of whom I don’t consider myself to be close enough to, to speak like that. In fact, I can’t think of one male friend who I would think it was acceptable from. I find it disrespectful, rude and also presumtueous. Do men actually think that this kind of talk excites women? Because honestly, for the most part, I am pretty sure that it does not save for those few who as I mentioned, base their self-esteem on the rule of ‘any attention is good attention’.
I don’t consider myself to be by any means a beauty queen, but I encounter it in my daily life and it pisses me off and not only that but it makes me super uncomfortable when men make “joking” passes regarding sex to me. What happened to chivalry? What happened to treating a lady like a lady? I don’t even expect that someone I’ve just met would swear in front of me, let alone allude to some kind of sexual situation. Foul. Go away, you’re disgusting and I won’t even look back twice.
2. People are extremely stupid and bigoted and they don’t even realise it.
If I have to read one more twitter message or status about how Australia needs to be tougher on immigrants, I will puke. You can bet your life that with these “opinions” there are racist overtones because they are usually posted by bogans who don’t know anything about anything, who still believe the ridiculous myth that Australia will be an Islam nation within the next generation (this has been proven to be a myth, unless of course Islamic families produce about 30 kids per family for the next 15 yrs) and the same ones who will start crying out that we are a “Christian Nation!” (um do you go to church? no. Neither do the larger population of Australia …so…) Those people will sport Southern cross tattoos and stickers on their car saying “Aussie Pryyyyde” and probably rioted in Cronulla a few years back… Unless you’re a native to the land, it wasn’t your country to begin with, and it was OK for England to go in and occupy Africa, India and the Middle East for years too many to count, so why can’t people go where they want to go? And live where they want to live?
I would like to expand on this later because I’ve read some super doozy posts regarding this.
3. Some people in life just can’t be happy unless they are complaining. 
I hate these people, they make me angry. I don’t want to be friends with them, I don’t want to be around them, and after awhile I start losing all my pity for them. I don’t want to bother wasting my time, energy or breath trying to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. We all have our childish, emo moments, sure — but life is a struggle, everyone struggles, just get over yourself. Sometimes I feel like slapping people when they start whinging about stupid things that can be fixed if they just got off their arse and were willing to actually put some effort in to something. But oh no, they can’t because the whole world is against them and it’s sooooo unfair. Get lost. Life is hard, take responsibility for yourself and don’t expect opportunities to fall in to your lap.
4. People don’t keep pictures of ex’s for ‘memory’ sake. 
I joked about this with a friend the other day. A couple of my friends showed me some pictures of their first boyfriends or ex’s that had really ‘hurt’. I had a few photos of two ex’s that I kept up until just a few months ago on the pretense of having memories…. and we all agreed that the only reason why one never throws out photos is because they are having a hard time letting go and that in fact, memory has nothing at all to do with it.  In fact, the only other reason one would keep pictures besides not being ‘over it’ would be to have a target during your next darts match. I remember when I dated my very first boyfriend back when I was about 15, we broke up intermittently and I cut him out of all of our photos that I kept in frames and put myself back in them without him… and then I think I burned them. I no longer keep any photos of any ex, probably a good sign that I’m over them which is a good thing. My friend also threw out her photos too… What’s the point, you don’t look back when moving forward. Next!

5. Reading books is more exciting than leaving the house and doing social things.

Well, this is just a very important lesson. I went out two weeks ago and was bored out of my mind. This week I have stayed home every day this week and have enjoyed reading many of my 932034234 books and it has been interesting, exciting, adventuous, funny and educational. I have learned many an interesting thing and I’ve not felt uncomfortable, put out, disrespected, annoyed or upset. I like being a wallflower, and with that said; the next book I plan on reading (after Choke by Chuck Palaniuk) is going to be, “The Perks of Being A Wallflower”
Look out for my next blog, 5 things I have learned from watching X-Factor.


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  1. Hey Jess, some very thought provoking points of view and I'll add my own comments in point form related to your 5 important lessons.1. Totally agree with how some women (and young girls too) feel the need to seek attention. I sometimes wonder what the world has come to and it is NOT ok to assume that a woman/girl will accept your sexual offer no matter how much you may be "joking". When I was at school, most of my friends were girls and we were exactly that – friends! Good you stand up for yourself and then turn away – Cudos!2. We are a multicultural society? Hmmm I used to think so but not sure these days. I have gone to school and worked with many different people from many different ethnic backgrounds and can not recall a single time when any one of them have pushed their own beliefs on me. Love thy neighbor! We all spill red blood. I will only say this – let's not change the words to our national anthem, let's still enjoy normal Christmas celebrations at schools etc., let's still allow Santas in the shopping centres. The world has PC dysfunctions and we are forced to cave into them. Some things need not be changed. But I am somewhat of a traditionalist. 3. Australia – a nation of whingers! And everyone has to be not only empathetic but sympathetic towards them too? FFS I don't think so. Agree, just get over yourself!4. When I got divorced, I tore up all my wedding photos etc. Can't comment too much on this as I have only ever had 2 serious relationships in my lifetime (I know – I am sad case lol).5. I will pass on this life lesson as I'm not much of a reader. This goes back to my school days. Just can't maintain the focus.Finally, we seem to have many similar thoughts. I feel privileged to know "know" you, even if it is in virtuality. 🙂

  2. hey hunim worried abt u cos u havent answered my emails plus i tried to call u twice last night and also on monday. i thought there mite be something wrong with my phone cos my txts werent goin to a friend but now they r n u havent replied to any of those txts either. sorry to be annoying, but if ur busy i understand i know its exam time n maybe ur stressing, but if ive done somethin plzzzz tell me. miss u sweety :(:(:(bb

  3. For goodness sakes, are you kidding me?Surely you could have sent this to my email. I told you, I'm in the middle of exam week. I had an appointment with my heart specialist today in the city, I was up until 2am studying last night, and just as late monday night, I spent the entire day on Sunday studying. I've not done a single other thing with my time. I didn't answer your calls because I wanted to talk to you when I had some time so we could talk properly. I didn't want to fob you off, I didn't want to text you in case I woke you up when I DID see your calls and figured that since you knew how stressed I was considering I conveyed this to you all week last week, you'd understand. You have a thousand ways to contact me, don't do this on my blog. So the answer; No, you did nothing wrong previous to this message.

  4. HOLY FUCK you are one talent mo fo!

  5. MARCEL…wellity, wellity… the comment didnt show up? probably forgot to confirm it after hitting 'send' with the whole captcha thing. I really like what you said in #2… its true. I think we're all blending, if I hear this "go back to your own country" bullshit once more I think I might scream… also, I take back #4 … maybe Im the only one who holds on to photos cos I cant let go and no other reason… lol but if someone has been married its a little different than say, just dating someone! Its a whole commitment and chunk of your life that you havent taken exactly lightly…


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