So… you hate the police, hey?

I don’t know how many times it has been said to me, “I hate the f**king police, they are nothing but pigs…” or something of a similar vain. I have been subject to various rants from people who whinge and carry on about how unfair and arrogant the cops are — usually the rant is sprouted by someone who is, in that moment, coming across as arrogant and are displaying their sheer ignorance of the fact that police do not make the law their job is just to enforce the law.

I once got in to it with a past friend via facebook who kept insinuating that police fabricate information to protect perpetrators. This went on for some 200+ posts where two members of the police force (both a Victorian Police officer and a New South Wales officer) gave their 2c on the issue. This woman kept on going and going and going with no argument base but just the general argument that all cops were bastards.

I am not an idiot, I know police corruption has existed within the Australian Police force and probably still exists within some police officers, but you can look at any organisation in the entire world and find corruption inside the doors. I don’t think it would at all be a leap for me to say that the vast majority of Australian Police officers do their job.

I could be biased, considering that I know two police officers very well who are like family and I can be assured that both of them are good and dedicated to their job, but I don’t think that I am.

These rants that come from morons who ignorantly sprout off all these injustices that are dealt to them by the police are coming from a place of anger after they were caught; BREAKING THE LAW!

I had someone complain about a fine for speeding to me (knowing that I knew a cop) and that how dare they, considering they don’t speed that much and the police should be out catching real criminals.

Oh, I have discussed this little doozy with a friend before. Ummm. That begs the question. “Did you exceed the speed limit?” “Yes.” “WELL THEN YOURE A REAL CRIMINAL.”

Gosh, how hard is it to understand? There are police departments that take care of different departments. There is a traffic and roads unit, there is a drugs unit, there is homocide, there is forensics, there are detectives — the list goes on.

There is not one crime that constitutes a real criminal any more than another, if you break the law you are committing a crime thus you are incriminating yourself. If you were not doing the wrong thing then you would not be sitting there in your stupid chair claiming injustice and insulting people who are just enforcing the law and doing their job.

Yes, I admit it, I speed sometimes. If I got caught though, and if a police officer acted rudely to me, it’d just be a reflection of my attitude. I’ve had three fines in my time and I’ve worn those fines gracefully and while it’s annoying that I’m stuck with a $200-odd speeding fine, I accept that I did the wrong thing to begin with and it’s no use passing the blame on to someone else.

And so…you hate the police so much, but who will you call when you are in trouble?

I’d be interested to find out.

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  1. Cops get a bad rap. It's disgusting, some of the abuse they have to put up with and they're often hamstrung by a piss-weak 'justice' system. (No, I'm not a cop).

  2. Thanks very much for your comment, I agree with you. They put up with a lot of drop-kicks every single day.

  3. How spot on you are on so many levels here Jess. Yes! If you don't like a law then there are avenues to try and change it. In the meantime don't 'shoot the messenger' or in this case the enforcer of the law. And I don't care even if it's overstaying your time in a parking spot.. even by a second. It's not a suggested time .. it's the law. Speeding DIU and the like are all real crimes (they have laws attached to them) You break this law.. yes, as you said, you are a real criminal… unless found innocent in a court of law. Not by your mates in the pub!And of course these misguided whingers are the first to call the police when they are on the other end of a crime!Good Stuff Jess

  4. Jack Fuller

     /  October 29, 2012

    I like law enforcement officials in general but the cops in my area are generally scumbags because they selectively enforce the law.


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