Beauty Review #1 – ILOVETHISBOX – February

I decided to jump on the bandwagon a little while ago with these assortments of beauty boxes that are making their rounds. One of my close friends, Dorin, shared the page of ILoveThisBox on facebook because her friend had something to do with it. It is clearly for those who love cosmetics and beauty products — I am that person! I have a huge cosmetics collection, but I stopped buying a lot of things because I stopped going out and about as much as I used to — however, I still love to sample new products.

I waited for the release of three boxes before I decided to jump aboard and subscribe. It’s $14.95 per month (you can pay month-to-month or more) and you will receive a bunch of 5-6 products that far exceed what you will be paying per month for the box. And the great thing about it, is that you don’t have to leave the house, it comes to your doorstep and there’s something exciting about getting physical mail!

The actual packaging was really cool. Obviously it’s Valentines month so this box was red and geared toward the holiday. I’m a single gal, but I don’t have any hatred or bitterness toward Valentines day. This is how the package was;

I think Ilovethisbox did a great job with the presentation, it was really cute.

Moving on to the products…

Elizabeth Arden – Red Door – $55 – 30ml, $70 – 50ml, $95 – 100ml.

The 10ml sample bottle of this Red Door perfume is really adorable. In my house there is a full 100ml bottle of Red Door already, and it doesn’t belong to me. I am a huge lover of perfumes, but I always consider Red Door to be the “old lady” perfume. (This is just my opinion, I know a lot of people who love it!) as soon as I pulled it from the box, my Mum’s eyes lit up and she made me spray it on her. She then claimed it, so this was a nice item. And if anything, I adore the purse-sized bottle.

Keratinology by Sunsilk – Overnight Treatment – Full Size 100ml – $13.95

A little while ago I saw this product in priceline and was going to buy it, but in the end I changed my mind. I still have not used it, but I have super thick, long, curly hair, naturally. If I don’t put product in it, it turns to fuzz after it is wet. When I go swimming my hair gets very easily damaged. So I will be interested to see how this goes in my hair. I have heard some great things about it. I am excited to try it! And also, impressed that this is the full sized bottle.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay, Lip Gloss – Full Size Product – $14.95

This lip gloss is great! I tried it on about 4 hrs ago and haven’t had any of it rub off even though I have been drinking some water and eating a little since work. The colour is 10 – “First Kiss” I am not sure if everyone got the same colour, but I really like this one. I like the brighter, bolder colours and this is a very similar shade to my favourite Chanel 37 (Velvet allure) lipstick. I found this really easy to apply and the second gloss coat has a good feeling – sometimes glosses tend to dry and end up flaking. This is lovely. Another great product.

The Aromatherapy Co. Rose & Patchouli Sensual/Soothing range. – Full Size Product $7.95- $13.95

I am a huge fan of anything scented (that smells good) I love creams and shower gels and things where I am left smelling edible (waiting for some weirdo to come and take a bite out of my arm, hey now, he’s only human) so I was pretty happy to receive some hand and nail cream. I always take extra good care of my fingernails. I have manicures often and if I didn’t work in a cafe my nails would always be a deep red colour. I really like the scent of this too, it reminds me of musk – I am also a big fan of musk. I will probably get a lot of use out of this; again, I work in a cafe and spend a lot of the day with my hands in the sink doing dishes thus my skin dries out. This is perfect for that.  The card that I received said that it will arouse my senses… let’s wait and see for that lol!

Nail File – $4.95

This is pretty cool just for the fact that I am always misplacing nail files and I can never find one when I need it. I am sure this will end up in the special “safe” place where all my other nail files went, but I’ll enjoy it while it’s with me. The card with my box assured me that this will make my handbag look colourful and “witty” … Unless this nail file is going to find it’s way out and start telling some jokes just after I’ve made some kind of hideous social faux pas as I’m prone to doing, I’m not sure how it is going to pull off “witty”, and while it IS colourful, I am not going to be wearing it on the outside of my precious and beautiful tan-coloured Guess handbag, so…

Bonus Jelly beans!

I love red lollies, and jelly beans too! I haven’t started on these, but I have an exam tomorrow morning so I bet these will be gone by the time I roll out of bed from the all-nighter I am about to pull so I can get all my study done.

In Summary:

Over all, I am really happy with my first delivery from and I’ve inspired my Mum to join up. I feel like the products are pretty great for the money that I paid for! I loved the presentation. If I could have changed one thing it would be the nail file for the reasons I listed, also because I can’t have an inanimate object being wittier than me 😉 but everything else was wonderful! Thanks guys, great job!

If you have any questions, please ask! Or you can visit their facebook page and ask yourself! Ilovethisbox – Facebook.


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  1. Im so glad you like ilovethisbox! so awesome that you subscribed!

    About the red door – so funny that everyone says is an old nanna smell. I actually like it. LOL granted, my mum bought it for me, but its not too bad =P

    Regarding the keratinology products, I absolutely LOVE LOVE them. First started using them from the November box, and since then its the only shampoo & conditioner I buy from woolies or coles. Only thing is that its xxy for shampoo/conditioner, but no more than salon products, and I think this is better. It smells AMAZING and makes my hair feel so nice. If you are going to use the treatment, I highly recommend buying the shampoo and conditioner first. But it will be interesting to see how the treatment fares on its own 😉

    Cant wait to see whats in the next box 😉


    • Oh Dorinny, I always pay $$ for shampoo and conditioner cos my hair is so blood temperamental and … big. I will give it a go first without the S&C and then I will get the S&C and give it a go and see if it makes a different 🙂

      Can’t wait for the next box either thanks for referring me to the page. I think Belinda is gonna join too.

  2. great review….I feel exactly the same way about red door lol, my grandma gave me a bottle for my 18th, but I ended up giving it to my sis because she likes it.

    I got a different colour lip gloss to you, mine was called ‘Enduring Love’ and it was a dusty pink colour.

    I think I need to convince my mum to sign up because she wants to steal some things out of my box lol

    While, I was over all happy with February’s box, I wanted to try out another box…but I can’t afford both at the same time, so I’ll see how I go and if I like ilovethisbox better. I’ll come back to it 🙂

    • Oops sorry, I only just realised these comments were here! It’s funny about Red Door isn’t it. I have always associated it with being a perfume for older women because it reminds me of my Mum … just the way Vanderbilt (one of my faces) reminds me of my Mum when I was a little girl. It’s not a bad one, just one that I probably wouldn’t wear myself! But the bottle is way cute.

      How is your lip gloss? I found it to be great, especially the sealer.

      I got my Mum to sign up too, she seems excited to get it 🙂

      I signed up for BellaBox and I am going to give them a run and see how they are, but am also thankfully in the financial position to do ILoveThisBox again next month. I am excited for both!


      • funny that you mention Vanderbilt, it’s one of my mum’s favourites (at least, it used to be) haha

        I liked that the lip goss stayed on all day, but I found the top coat/gloss a little sticky

        I think I’m going to resubscribe to ilovethisbox, I was totally disapointed with BellaBox. I got my box really late and I just thought it was a little underwhelming. Definitely going to stick to ilovethisbox, they have the best customer service and actually seem to be more consistant than the other boxes. The dec box last yr was really the only one that I haven’t liked that much (too much organic stuff, I know it’s better for you and all that…but I just don’t like the smell of most organic products, they’re to ‘herb’ smelling)


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