Diva’s Corporate Fail & Quick update

Before I get in to anything, I haven’t blogged much due to exams and assignments, but now my exams are over and I am free as a bird! I had my last one on Monday and I think it went well, a lot to be said for the History one, but anyway…

Back to regular programming. I have one last assignment this week.

I wanted to post this report that I put together for an assignment and also a situation of enlightenment for others who don’t know much about it… Basically, I’ll let the report speak for itself. Any feedback is welcome but identify yourself, I dont like anonymous comments.

Aside from that, it was my 28th birthday on the 14th and I now am the proud owner of a Kindle, a nice wad of cash, half a plane ticket and a bottle of Moscato. I can’t wait to drink that Moscato, by the way, but … it feels a little lame drinking it alone at the moment…

I am excited because on the 29th, I will be celebrating my birthday (belated!) with my awesome buddies, Jai and C. Maybe I’ll drink my wine that day, who knows?

Also, I finally got rid of my blackberry and am now in the land of the iPhone4s. I enjoy iMessage immensely.

And aside from that, nothing exciting has happened. I am looking in to internships for next year and am hoping to do something local and then the second one, I am hoping to do a big newspaper in the city! Exciting.

Bed time for little J. I have a bunch of blogs half-written that I will be most certainly working on — and I have added a new link of my beautiful little buddy, Elfie who wrote a great blog to compliment my Diva Accessories report if you look to the right! 🙂